Monday, January 12, 2009

Flowing 2009 (Starting From The End)

On the 31st December 2008 I ended everything by skating with my nephew and his friend, just the three of us, enjoying ourselves at the ‘remaining’ of Maong Skatepark. That is the place where everything should be started again and this is the way to end the last few hours before the 1st of January 2009. As soon as I reached the place all the flashback went through my mind, how this place reminded me of who I used to be and how I have become now. All the sweet skating memories will never fade away no matter in which years I am in.

I have uploaded some pictures that I caught showing the place and happen to the pictures are in the Maong Skatepark R.I.P post. Some old school skaters (1999- 2001) may have remembered how the place was but not to the new generation because I’m not sure myself how the skateboarding scene now, definitely not as happening as my time before.

After three hours skating at the park, we decided to roam around the Kuching City to see what is happening in conjunction of New Year 2009. As usual the traffic is moving extremely slow because everyone is driving their vehicle to join the celebration. To be honest, for me there’s nothing to celebrate anyway, it was just the same time of every end of every year and we are still like this no matter we like it or not, only a bit old year by year for sure. Wiser? I don’t think so, well maybe to some people but the rest will never learnt. So, after a few minutes around me and my nephew decided to go home as hungriness conquers all. We leave the other guy with his other friends as he planned to stay for a night in a hotel room that they have booked earlier. And so goes the day, so goes 2008. Hello 2009 and I hope it will flow with shine.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Maong Skatepark R.I.P

The very first time I started skating in Kuching City I was attracted to this area somewhere near Maong Village. It’s a large and nice commercial area packed with 4 stories buildings, a very nice and strategic place to skate and gather around for skateboarders around Kuching City. Maong Village is where my brother live in with his adopted family and I used to live there myself with my family when I was 8- 10 years young.

One day my nephew and I went to the area with our skateboards and give ourselves a try with that place. It’s indeed a nice place to skate along since it has large and smooth spaces and surface, wheels friendly I must say no matter if you’re skating with small or wider wheels.

After a while, I invited some of my friends to skate at that place and we begin to love the place day by day. So, we decided to build a flow skate park on that place as our members are getting bigger in amount. Well, my brother has joined the club to become one of the flows. The park started with a simple bank with two big cylinder oil tanks as the main base. It was immovable but since there are no other passing cars, we had no problem of letting the bank stay beside the street the whole time.

After sometime, most of the skaters all around Kuching City started flowing in that place and all I can say is that was our golden era back in the year of 1999 till 2001 and that very time was the most memorable and exciting time in my skateboarding life, ever. Most of the time we skate with regular stance or fakie and had no ideas about switch or nollies. All we know is how to enjoy ourselves skating no matter what tricks we can do.